Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sewing Buttons

Sewing on buttons is a pretty easy task. However, sewing on heavy coat buttons...not so much! However, I refuse to pay a seamstress $12 a button to sew them on again, so here's the lesson...
1. Remove all the buttons and the old thread.
2. Thread a needle with heavy duty thread. If the coat is white or light, dental floss is an excellent, long-lasting thread.
3. Secure the button on the backside of the coat. The smaller button is put on the backside of the coat so the thread doesn't pull through and create a big hole in the coat.

4. Place a drinking straw between the coat and the button on the top side. This will help create a uniform loop for a shank. (Incase you don't know, a shank is the small area of thread that allows the heavy coat to be buttoned without pulling.)

5. Sew the button on several times. Remove the drinking straw. Go through the button hole on the top side to get to that area of "shank". Wrap the thread around the loose shank thread you have created so it is a thicker cord of thread.
6. Push needle to the backside of the coat and tie off.

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