Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fishing Gear

My family are "fisher people". How else do you say that, fishermen, even if they are women and kids? Anyway, my paternal grandfather loved to fish. He spent hours with his sons fishing. They in turn, spent hours with their sons, sons-in-law, and grandchildren fishing. We all love to sport fish. Lake cabins, boats, wilderness fishing trips, ice fishing, all of these things are in our blood.
My cousin and his wife are professional fisher people. Their twin daughters who are 6, have all ready been featured in sports magazines as up and coming sport fisher girls!

My son has started a company, SMI Outdoors. He is having some great success. I am really excited about this. I can hardly wait to try out the new fishing gear. Tell everyone you know. You too can own some state-of-the-art fishing gear.
These glow!
Great Lakes Angler Magazine tried the new lures and raved. They wrote and article espousing the merits of these new, cool "fish magnets". Get some for your sports person in time for the holidays!
What a fun pastime out on a lake, beautiful day, no phones, just you and nature with the water gently rocking you into a lull of relaxation...that is until the big one hits your hook!

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