Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weighing In Over The Holidays

Here we are entering the week that starts the next 6-8 weeks of the biggest feeding frenzy of the year. We go right from the Thanksgiving feast and leftovers to holiday parties, Christmas and into New Year's Eve. Whew! Are you getting your game plan going? Do you know what the average number of pounds an American adult gains over this period? 12, that's 12!! No wonder there are so many New Year's resolutions. You're on a food and money hangover come January 1st.
Here are some tips to help you through...
1. Eat breakfast. A high protein breakfast can set you up for the day and make it easier to resist those high calorie office goodies.
2. Exercise! Don't let your busy schedule keep you from the gym. Exercising will make you feel less hungry as well. Maybe it will be just a 1/2 hour workout instead of your typical hour. Be realistic and stick to it. Park further away when you're shopping, and take the stairs rather than the escalator. Even 2 or 3-10 minutes periods of exercise is better than no exercise.
3. Drink water, atleast 8 glasses. Water will help you feel full and less likely to overindulge.
4. When you're baking, stop those nibbles by chewing a piece of sugarless gum.
5. When you're at the buffet, select one carbohydrate, sample the mashed potatoes and forgo the bread, or vice versa.
6. At the buffet take a maximum of three items and keep them fruit, vegetable or protein. Allow yourself one treat you don't get at anytime during the year except at the holidays. For example, that eggnog or fruitcake.
7. Limit portion sizes. Protein should be equivalent to the size of a deck of cards and vegetables should be equivalent to 1 cup.
8. Eat dessert. Don't totally deny yourself. But only have one bite instead of the whole piece.
9. Get rid of leftovers. Do not store those high calorie leftovers for the late night munchies.
10. Limit your cocktail consumption by having a glass of water between every cocktail.
11. Keep a food journal. Even if you've never done this before, now is a good time to start, even if it's a post it near your desk.
12. Do not starve yourself all day thinking you are eating later. That gives you a psychological "go" card to overeat, you'll be ravenous.
13. If you get stressed, take a hot bath, don't go for the frig.
14. Don't assume holiday weight gain is inevitable. Make a plan, maintain it and start the new year on a healthier note.

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