Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thank God For Grandma

My Grandmother taught me so many valuable lessons. If I am 1/2 the woman she was I would consider my life a success. One lesson she taught me as a newlywed was this...
She had been married for 65 years. Shortly after I got married, she told me in such a dear way, "Jenie, I have been married for as long as I can remember and I cook nearly every day, sometimes more than once a day. I still have failures. Some recipes don't turn out, some ingredients may be bad, or sometimes I just goofed. Don't let it worry you. Just move on."
Grandma, sweet, Grandma, I goofed! $$%*?"&!!!
I was in the holiday baking mode thinking I'd treat all the folks at work. I made 3 kinds of cookies, cranberry bread, banana bread and eggnog quick bread. The eggnog quick bread sounded good, lots of butter (can't go wrong there). Plus it had a drizzled icing that looked so delicious, I could just picture it on a cookie plate. I mixed it up, I baked it to golden perfection. I took it out of the pan, looked good, drizzled the icing, looked even better, cut it open, WOWIE! A home run.

Then I tasted it. YUCK! ICK! BLACH! EEUUUWW! GAG! It had too much baking soda in it.
So I thought of my dear, sweet Grandma and smiled. Then look what I did.

Now I'm movin' on.

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