Sunday, November 8, 2009

House Fires

UGH! This can happen. I have known several people who have had house fires. Once I was in one. When I was young my Mother had a crock pot short out and start a kitchen fire. We were all out of the house for hours, there was a lot of damage. The biggest issue is the toll it takes, both mentally and physically. I don't care how much insurance coverage you have and how much they'll do for you, it's a lot of work and heartache.
Over 3000 people die in house fires every year. Some of these are preventable.
Of course, the best thing is to avoid a house fire. NO DAH! This is particularly important with the holiday season approaching. All of these fresh trees and people forgetting to water them is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Not to mention, people leaving the lights on overnight or when they're away from the house.
But, everyday, here's what you can do.
* Keep you plugs safe. Unplug all used appliances, everything from your cell phone charger to your electric appliances.
* Fix or replace frayed cords.
* Use correct sized fuses.
* Use light bulbs of correct size. Screw light bulbs in tightly.
* Keep dust bunnies away from electric appliances. If there's a spark, this is tinder.
* Never leave a candle unattended.
* Stay in the kitchen when cooking.
* Keep dishtowels away from the stove top burners.
* Smoke outside only.
* Douse cigarette butts or matches with water before throwing in trash can.
* Keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from anything else.
* Keep matches away from children, in a locked cabinet.
* Store gasoline away from house, preferably an outdoor shed.
* Use gasoline for motors only.
* Use special container for gasoline.
* Know how to correctly dispose of rags that may have chemicals that can spontaneously combust.
* Have family fire escape plan.
* Check your smoke detectors. If you do not have carbon monoxide detectors, or someone you love does not have them, buy and install them today.
* *Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and garage.
* Stay near the grill when grilling.
* Do not mix chemicals.
* Open flue when lighting a fire in your fireplace.
* Do not overstock your firebox indoors.
* Keep carpet and rugs away from indoor fireplaces.
* Take photos, videos and write an inventory of your possessions in case of fire. Give these to a family member of keep in a safe deposit box for insurance purposes.

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