Sunday, November 15, 2009

Games People Play

Have you ever played the Newlywed Game? That is where one person gets asked a personal question as it pertains to the spouse/significant other/friend. I have found you learn several tidbits about someone.
Another game is an exercise in conversation. You are to draw a card and discuss whatever the card topic is.
These silly conversations make the time fly and bring on the laughs when you're at a restaurant and the service is slow...or you're sitting in the sun trying to get rid of your "moonglow".
So, here goes...
1. What is the number one job a friend would do if you died?
Clear your computer history?
2. Discuss that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong. What do you say or do next?
3. If there would be a font for emotion, what would yours be? Someone said sarcasm!
4. I only buy one set of sheets per bed. Why? Whoever can fold a fitted sheet?
5. I have read Mapquest should start on #5. People generally know how to get out of their neighborhood.
6. Do you think obituaries should say how the person died?
the person died.
7. Bad decisions make good stories. Tell one on yourself.
8. If it says "Hand wash" do you?
9. Have you ever missed a phone call by just one ring and called back immediately only to have their phone go into voicemail? Where the heck did they go in 15 seconds?
10. Ever really listen to an advertisement jingle? Kisses do not generally begin with Kay, they generally begin with Miller Lite!

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