Monday, November 16, 2009

Don't Buy Crap!

I have been out shopping. Everywhere I turn Christmas has arrived. The grocery stores have the baking items out, including the ever-loving candied fruit for fruitcakes. Does anyone make those anymore? All I know is if I did, it is 90% brandy and 10% fruit!
Oops, off on a tangent. Next I was in the mall. Whoa! The boxes, the ribbon, the glitter. As you know I am a glitter loving person, but it made me stop and think.

What Mom out there doesn't want junior to have one of these? Yes, it's a plate that teaches you how to play with your food. That way dinner time can last double the time, with less actual eating.
I am the first to laugh at some of the products out there. There is a battery operated spoon to roll your pasta so you don't have to. Seriously! Some of these are so funny, or odd, or downright crazy, I am tempted to buy them, just as a gag gift. Then I have to remind myself...

Here are a couple of books that will set you back more than a little pocket change. Tell me who wouldn't want to keep these in their library and dust them off for decades to come?
I can't afford it. The gift receiver doesn't want it. There is no place to store it. Even if it is funny, Jene, just don't buy it. Yes, that goes for the tempting silicone ice cube tray shaped like Grandma's dentures. Can't you see that in someone's drink? Repeat after me,
Well, maybe just one Christmas sweater??? No, no, no can do.

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