Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Cookie Jar

Almost everyone has atleast one Christmas decoration that is special. For whatever reason, the sentiment or the memory makes it a must have. I have a dear friend whose husband has only one Christmas decoration that must be put out every year. It is his childhood cookie jar. The one his Mom had when he was growing up. Every year the Santa cookie jar was on the counter, filled with tasty family favorites.
When his Mother passed away, the only thing of hers he wanted was the cookie jar. To this day, even though he has grandchildren, he becomes that sparkly-eyed kid, with his hand reaching for another delicious Christmas cookie.
I have a similar experience with my Grandma's cookie container. Hers was a very special cookie tin, not a jar. But to me, it's the same. Every year, I bake sugar cookies, gingerbread boys, or Mexican wedding cakes and they stay fresh in that very special cookie tin. I think of my dear Grandma every time I open that tin.
But today...I found the very special Christmas cookie jar for my sons to start their own tradition. You get the first look! Or maybe this one?? Who knows? Maybe generations to come will be reaching in this very Santa for their Christmas treats! HO HO HO!

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