Sunday, October 4, 2009

Santa Fe Architecture

I am taken by architectural styles in different locations. I love it all. Look at these wonderful touches that make homes in New Mexico unique and beautiful. The styles reflect the influence and charm of the Indian and Spanish heritage.I loved the colorful trim against the earth colored stucco.
The natural wood was quite a contrast here.
It is rumored this home belonged to Ted Danson. I enjoyed the pots filled with flowers.
The texture of the old brick was beautiful.
Most homes are earth colored with small areas of bright, colorful trim. Doesn't it welcome you in?
The mix of natural things like these strings of chili peppers and flowers are so unique to NM.
Love these white shutters.
The various levels are fun to see.So many shades of blue and aqua, it almost reflects the beauty of the sky.
WOW! What an impact.
Can you see this in an old cowboy movie?
This is an old building. Doesn't it make you wonder who had this vision?
My idea of a good neighbor's home, a front porch to watch the world go by.