Friday, October 16, 2009

Mannequins at the Mall

Chicago had the decorated cows, St. Louis had the decorated birds, Scottsdale Fashion Mall has the decorated mannequins. I had to go see this yesterday. This one is by a fashion magazine and her skirt is made of past issues of the magazine.

These little beauties are strategically placed all over our local mall.
This is a mock-up of Marilyn Monroe done by a local bakery specializing in cupcakes. Can you tell her skirt is a big cupcake?

They have been decorated by stores, schools and businesses. This is by a florist. Her entire dress is flowers.

On Saturday night, there is a gala and they will be auctioned off with the proceeds to go to charity.Love this one, it's called "The Cocktail Dress" and is made our of cocktail umbrellas. Notice her handmade of an orange and cherry!

I had to admit, it was a good marketing plan as there were throngs of people milling about looking at them and wandering in and out of stores. This one had a bodice of birds, her hat was the bird's nest.This was done by a local community college fashion class. It was a clothing pattern paper-mache.
This was pretty funny-a saguaro cactus mannequin!

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