Thursday, October 1, 2009

Loretto Chapel

Built in 1878, the chapel was bigger by mission standards. It was the first Gothic structure west of the Mississippi. The architect was a bit short-sighted by forgetting to build a staircase from the sanctuary to the choir loft. Several architects came and said it couldn't be done as the chapel was too small for a typical staircase. The nuns said a nine day novena to St. Joseph, the carpenter and on the last day a man appeared at their door with a wagon, tools and wood. Within 6 months he completed a winding staircase with 2-360 degree turns with no nails and no center support. He disappeared without asking for payment. When the nuns wanted to pay the bill at the lumber store, nobody had purchased wood. To this day, the wood origin has not been identified.
Every place you looked were gorgeous icons and carvings.

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