Sunday, October 25, 2009

College Football

As I mentioned in a previous post, this weekend was the big family college football weekend. We are fans of Notre Dame and Virginia Tech. I know there are lots of other favorites out there, we happen to have a connection to these two.
I love the rituals and traditions of the college football weekend. It's tough to beat those at Notre Dame.
Look at the awesome interior of St. Mary's Basilica.
From the players walking though in their suits as a team, to the Notre Dame guard all over 6 feet+, to the band playing the Notre Dame Fight Song, from the golden dome to the stadium.
Of course the antics of the iconic Leprechaun are always amusing!

There are dorms and organizations serving brats and burgers throughout campus and footballs flying through the air everywhere as young and old play catch.
Of course, nothing compares to the roars of fans cheering on their team, this time under the watchful eye of "Touchdown Jesus". Final score: ND:20, Boston College:16.
I have been at ND games where we could have worn shorts and sleeveless tops. not this game, however, the temperature at gametime was 40 degrees with rain and wind. It was chilly. We were pretty cozy though, thanks to these hand and toes warmers and cheapo ponchos.This was a Kodak moment in family adventures. What a great opportunity to spend time with my favorite guys in the whole world!

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