Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's officially Autumn-and it has been for 16 days now. I'm a little behind the times. The temperatures are cooling, the days get a little cloudier (except in Arizona) and it's time to assess the home front.
I love the fall. The leaves turning brilliant colors, the temperatures beckoning for stew or chili for dinner and time to turn our clocks back, which reminds me to take a moment to think about what household chores should be done this time of year.
Here's my checklist, there are a few tips for those of you in the northern climate.
*Clean up the garden and leaves. Pull up the annual flowers. Clean out the pots.
*Wash windows and take down screens.
*Have carpets cleaned.
*Do a deep clean of house, clear out the summer coupons you never used.
*Change out summer clothes in closet. Donate the things you never wore or don't care for anymore.
*Change batteries in the smoke detectors.
*Change the furnace filter.
*Pick up some pumpkins and decorations for Halloween/Thanksgiving.
*Winterize the lawnmower and lawn equipment.
*Shut off the outdoor water spigots.
*Wash all the bed linens, air pillows and put on winter bed linens.
*Get Halloween cards for friends and family.
*Start fall birthday and Christmas list.
*Get a flu shot. Stock up on vitamins.
*Have your car serviced and the tire pressure checked.

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