Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coronado Island

I took some time to meander throughout Coronado Island in San Diego. I overheard it really isn't an island at all, but who's splitting hairs? It is gorgeous. I walked along the park and saw this huge Navy ship. One forgets San Diego is the Navy's pacific coast port for the USA. It is also home to the largest Marine training base, the other being Parris Island in SC.
But I digress....

After walking through many of the island's boutique shops, I found myself at the plaza in front of The Hotel Del Coronado, or as the locals call it, "The Del". What a lovely site to behold, in it's wooden splendor from the 1800's overlooking the tranquil aqua ocean.
The neighborhood on Coronado Island isn't too shabby either. Look at some of the examples of historic architecture. Zowie! I feel I should don my Gatsby garb!

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