Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th

What a horrible day in American history. I will never forget the sight on the TV screen as I heard about the first airplane crashing into the first World Trade Center building. I quickly turned on the TV, was glued to the set and proceeded to watch with horror and fear as the second airplane crashed into the next tower.
My emotions ran the gamut, I was gripped with anger, fearful for all of my family scattered throughout the USA and so, so sad for the families who were impacted by this heinous crime of terrorism.
In 1991 Foxtrot Freddie and I took the boys to New York for Christmas. It was such a wonderful trip. We saw the Empire State Building, took the boys to FAO Schwartz, took a horsedrawn carriage ride through Central Park, watched with awe the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular and ferried to The Statue of Liberty. On ferry trip back we had a family photo all huddled together aganist the freezing cold wind, smiling for the camera, clutching our hot chocolate. In the background of two grinning rascals of boys, were the two World Trade Towers gleaming against the cold New York skyline. That innocence is gone.

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