Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Santa Fe

We arrived in Santa Fe last night about 9 pm. Foxtrot Freddie was looking slightly dazed as he exited the car. Nine+hours in the car with me singing out of tune, (plus it would help if I knew the words) would make a saint look slightly dazed. But onward. The little adobe bungalow we rented is so charming, I want to move in permanently.
It has stucco walls, smooth as the finest Venetian plaster I have ever seen.
The niches and cubbies everywhere house icons and lovely pieces of art so famous in this part of the county.
The doors are hilarious. In keeping with the adobe genre, they are only 6 feet tall. They look slightly out of place with the high ceilings.
The floors are red brick! Go figure, probably not very practical, but they are so quaint and lovely for this cottage.
The bathrooms are modern with the colorful tile and Mexican pottery sinks so popular in this type of architecture.

The best part is the tin roof. I secretly love corrugate tin roofs. There are a few things I want in a house before I die. I keep a list for Foxtrot Freddie, just incase he decides to build me a dream house. One thing I definitely need is a tin roof.

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