Sunday, September 13, 2009


Going back to school and getting in a routine, remind people of common coutesies and manners. Here are a few tips I have come across.
Welcoming a new neighbor.
It is recommended to stop by within the first few weeks a neighbor has moved in. Introduce yourself. Bring something to the new neighbor, something home baked, a map of the area or menus form the local carry-out eateries.
Sending a get well card.
Get well cards are very appreciated when someone is stuck home in bed. Send one as soon as you hear of the illness. In the case of a surgery, send one immediately after the procedure.
Sending a condolence card.
This is a tough time in everyone life. Send a condolence card upon hearing of someone's passing. Do not drag the mourning period out for the family by sending a card late.
I came across these recently and with all the fall weddings that come up, here are some tips.
When should you have a bridal shower?
The shower should be about two months from the wedding. This gives the bride time to write thank yous and get on with the last minute plans. Consult the bride on her expectations, food, theme, gifts and whether it is for women only or couples. Then don't burden her with the plans, let her be surprised.
What about a wedding gift?
Send the gift after you receive the invitation but before the wedding. Today it is more common to buy a gift from the bridal registry and have it sent to the home of the bride. Cost is always a factor. Receptions cost about $100-125 per guest, if you include food, beverages, cake, flowers and entertainment. As a guest you are not required to spend like-for-like, but something within your price range and tasteful is appreciated.
Wedding gift thank you notes.
As a guest you have no control of this. However, it is an ungrateful bride and groom that do not acknowledge the receipt of gifts within the generally accepted three month timeframe.

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