Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life!

I love this photo! What a gorgeous family. This is my dear friend, Liz's daughter Sarah, great hubby and little cherubs.
First of all, let me digress. I have known Sarah since, well, just about as long as her Mother has known her. You see, Christmas Eve, 1977, I was sitting at midnight church services all by myself, in a new town with a 6 week old baby in my lap. Foxtrot Freddie was with Liz, delivering Sarah. I wasn't upset. Infact, since Liz was a good friend, I couldn't wait to get out of church and find out what she had. (Back in the day, we had to wait till the baby was born to find out girl/boy!)
Since Liz and I have remained friends, I have followed Sarah through the joys of childhood, (a photo of Sarah and my birthday boy in the red sweater) angst of adolescence, the discoveries of college and attended her drop dead gorgeous wedding.
I have been able to see these two little guys come into the picture through Sarah's diligence at her blog. See for yourself, every time I click on a new new picture, my face lights up. How could they not with these little fellows looking back at you?
Thanks for anther day brightener, Sarah!

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