Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's a SPAM-tastic Day!

While dodging the batter fried delicacies at the state fair, I ran into the SPAM exhibit. SPAM is made by the Hormel Foods in Austin, MN. It started out in 1937 and was a staple for WWII vets. George Burns and Gracie Allen were the main spokespeople for the canned SPiced hAM (get it? SPAM) product. These two SPAMDandies have had this booth for 10 years at the fair and put 8 kids through private college with their proceeds. Man, that's SPAMcredible!
I convinced Foxtrot Freddy we had to go check out the SPAM Museum in Austin. Being the SPAM-dude-elicious guy he is, he relented. What a sport. They must be asked this question a million times...SPAM comes from the pork shoulder only, no place else on the pig. Sorry folks, no lips or snouts in this product! A can of SPAM is eaten every 3 seconds!! Bet that's news to you! This may be our Christmas card this year, what d'ya think? I can see it now...Hope your Holidays are SPAMtastic!

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