Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Friend

This past weekend when I was visiting my friend, I thought of all the experiences we shared. It goes back a long way! We used to be called the Gold Dust twins as we looked alike and spent every waking hour together. I couldn't dig up the photos of us in kindergarten, or in Brownies all dressed up in our uniforms, or participating in band solos, probably a good thing....
I didn't have a photo of us on my horse, but let me introduce you to "Junebug" my horse. She was a very good alternative for us to ride double and get around our small Iowa town as pre-teens. We even rode her up to a drive-in window to get root beer. Bet that was a sight!
Oh yeah, she was in my wedding, sans the humongous picture hat. You know the ala 70's trend?!?We still manage to see each other, sometimes even to celebrate a holiday.
We've shared some great vacations together, some when we were in our teens and some today.

Jean has a sister a couple of years older, as do I. This one is of my sis, AJ, Jean and myself. It is said, "A friend is a gift you give yourself." Jean is certainly a gift in my life.

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