Saturday, September 5, 2009

Food at the Fair

Is it all fairs for just the Minnesota State Fair known for the batter dripping, deep fried anything, on a stick of course?! I had to see for myself. I want you to know it's all true! There were lines at 7 a.m. for funnel cakes, mini-donuts, corn on the cob, even Batter Fried Oreos and yes, gag me, batter fried bacon on a stick. There was Batter Fried Cheesecake on a Stick
Deep Fried Candy Bars on a StickDeep Fried Swedish Meatballs on a StickDeep Fried Walleye on a StickPotato Chips on a Stick
Batter Fried Cheese Curds-oooie! I am embarrassed to say how yummy these things were-they were giving out samples. Deep Fried Dill Pickle on a Stick How about Leprauchans Legs? (Deep Fried Green Beans)Deep Fried Belgium Waffle on a Stick; complete with chocolate sauce and whip cream)This vendor had a novel concept, read the sign...But if you really wanted a fantastic food, go to the Lutheran Church Women Dining Halls. The lines were around the buidlings, even at 8 a.m.

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