Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flower Power

I am so lucky to be able to enjoy the company of some dear friends this week. We have known Paul and Nan since Notre Dame days. They have gone on to have the best floral shops in New Hampshire.
We are lucky to have them with us, as they are attending a floral convention here in town. I have been to several conventions, some people know how to party better than others. Healthcare conventions, yawn, Realtors conventions, only slightly better, florists and travel industry conventions, now that's where the action is.
The hotel is covered in lovely, fragrant bouquets that are refreshed every day. What happens to the day old bouquets? They are given to churches, hospitals, nursing homes and to the hotel employees.Hundreds of these lovely arrangements covered every flat surface in the hotel, in the registration area, on the bar, on every cocktail table, end table and coffee table.Twenty to thirty volunteer floral designers work tierlessly to provide the beauty for this convention.There are rows of flowers for them to choose from. These roses are called "Latte" and are a magnificent peachy brown with a fragrance that is intoxicating!

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