Thursday, August 20, 2009

Uses for Vodka

This came across my computer the other day and it made me laugh. To me, there is only one good use for vodka, and that is to drink, preferably in a martini or a bloody Mary. However, some genius must have stock in a vodka company and came up with more uses than I can imagine.
*To remove a bandage painlessly, saturate the bandage with vodka.
*Clean the caulk around the shower, spray and let set for 5 minutes, wash clean.
*To clean your eyeglasses, dampen a soft cloth with vodka and wipe clean.
*Spray vodka on a red wine stain and blot dry. It will remove the stain.
*Add a jigger of vodka to your shampoo for shinier hair.
*Fill a spray bottle with vodka to spray on bees or ant's nests to kills them.
*Relieve a fever by soaking a washcloth with vodka and placing on chest and back as a liniment. (Can't you see taking a baby to the ER after you've done this? How fast can you say "Child Protective Services?")
*Cure foot odor by washing your feet in vodka.
*Pour vodka over your poison ivy to remove the urushiol oil found in the poison ivy. It will prevent it from spreading.
*Vodka will alleviate the pain from a jelly fish sting.
Or just take a swig and none of this other stuff will matter!

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