Monday, August 24, 2009

Swap Meets

I originally had my eyes open to swap meets when we lived in Tucson. A friend took me, saying it was a bargain shopper's paradise. Indeed, it was. Now I find they are in FL, TX and AZ, I'm sure other states as well. You have to be in a mood to go to a swap meet. It's not a place I can be ready for any day. I do love the cultural diversity of the swap meet.
You can be outfitted from head to foot...YeeHa!

You can find kitchen essentials and bed/bath linens for a fraction of the price. It is "Buyer Beware' but for an apartment, dorm or second home, not a bad deal.

You can find knock offs of designer purses, watches and sunglasses.

Something for everyone I guess--Eeioww!

I was stunned at the low prices of the computer equipment and TVs.
Fabulous produce for pennies.

I don't think the health department checks the hygiene of the Tattoo Parlor at the swap meet, just a hunch.
Need socks? Twelve pairs for $4.00.

The swap meet is for all gardens to carnival rides for the kiddies.

That's what I love about this place. You can't find this just anywhere!

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