Monday, August 17, 2009


Spa... or should I say Spahhhhhh? After a few weeks of hard labor in my house, and helping to update both of my son's homes, I decided to treat myself. It wasn't a tough choice, spending 6 hours at my favorite spa. I'm still in a relaxed stupor with it all. I am surprised my legs even work, I know my head is still on the "hibernation" mode.
Try a Swiss shower with umpteen jets massaging your skin with warm, steamy water.

Fresh iced cloths soaked in a rose essence.
Take one of those chilled cloths to wipe your face and neck whilst steaming in the whirlpool.
A stretch under the therapeutic waterfall will loosen all of those stiff neck and should muscles we get from sitting at the computer all day.
For that deep tissue relaxation, nothing beats the sauna with it's dry heat and yummy cedar-fragranced benches. Add dim lighting and soft music and it's la-la land.
Walk into this room and it's heaven on earth! Imagine cocooning in this luxurious down blankey with wonderful aromatherapy of rosemary, lavender and roses.
The stage is set, complete with silky lotions, candlelight and in answer to your question, yes I did fall asleep!
Wrap up this delightful day meditating in this eucalyptus scented relaxation room.
I seriously thought of writing a note to Foxtrot Freddie telling him I ran away from home and if he needed me, just send my mail to the Willow Stream Spa at the Princess in Scottsdale. But, I came to my senses in the knick of time (and they closed the spa for the day.)

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