Monday, August 3, 2009

Scandinavian Humor

Did you know??
Scandinavian women were harvesting their vegetables and nightfall came. They left some green beans in the bowls they were using and with the chill in the overnight air, the vegetables froze in the bowls. The next day the winds were howling around them. They knew that snow and ice packs were an insulation to the harsh winds and they had an idea... they covered their heads with these bowl shaped vegetables to keep their heads warm, that's where we get the name "Beanies".
However, the vegetables eventually melted, so they threw the melting bowls in the oceans. All the of the Orcas in the region swarmed and had a feast. That's where the organization of "Save The Whales" started.
**This message brought to you by Lutherans for a Greener Earth Society.

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