Thursday, August 6, 2009

House Cleaning

I am in Minnesota helping son #2 with his house. A house and lawn in the midwest summer takes a lot to keep it going!
The Do's and Don't of Cleaning
1. When cleaning, start tat the highest point in the room, going from the top, down, the ceiling fan to the floor.
2. Have your carpets cleaned aleast once/year. Vacuuming removes about 1/2 the dirt ground into the carpet. A van mounted carpet cleaner works best to get the ground in dirt removed by it's hot water and high powered extraction methods. This will also extend the life-years of your carpet.
3. Keep your kitchen cleaner by regular wipe-downs. Once a week cleaning in the kitchen and bathrooms are not enough to keep them clean. A minute or two of wiping counters and sinks will be worth it come regular cleaning time.
4. Use clean tools. How often do you launder your dust mop? You are not getting the most efficient use out of your tools if you do the job when they are dirty. Get microfiber dust cloths, mop heads and dust mops that are easily changed to do the best job. Change your vacuum cleaner bag regularly.
5. Dust those easily forgotten places: books and bookcases, light bulbs, light shades, top of doors and door jambs, headboard and footboard of bed, closet rods, stair railings, tops of kitchen cabinets and refrigerators, ceiling fan blades and picture frames.

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