Monday, August 31, 2009


Scorcher weekend ahead for Valley
Excessive-heat warning in effect

Similar to the extreme snow and cold in other areas of the country, we have to contend with the heat. The good news is, it's only for about 6 weeks!
Our local newspaper, The Arizona Republic, had a limerick contest judged by one of it's columnists, Clay Thompson. Here is this year's winner and runner-up. I have always loved a funny limerick. Hails back to the good ole' days of "There was a man from Nantucket..." Good thing I don't remember the rest!

I once met a young lass from Chandler
And though I'm not much the philandr'er
She had quite the physique.
But the temps reached a peak.
Alas, it was too hot to handle'r.
---James Morkunas, Scottsdale

My 93 year old Aunt Lil
Likes to keep her A/C on chill
She was cool through June
At her condo in Troon
But she died when she opened the bill.
---Jane Worken

(Honorable Mention)
If I could pay my mortgage with heat,
I'd be debt-free as fast as I tweet
I'd bail out the state,
put food on my plate,
make Phoenix a summer retreat.

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