Thursday, August 13, 2009

Julia Child

I just finished reading "Julia Child; My Life in France" written by Julia Child and her great nephew Alex Prud'homme. Julia was an interesting lady, towering over 6 feet, unusual in the 1950's. Her expressions are what I found so amusing, words like "hodgpodge", "discombobulate", "ballyhoo" (brouhaha), and my favorite, "snozzling" (what you do when you suffer from a cold).
She had quite a sense of humor, "In my sievelike mind I didn't want to lock away dates or details. I wonder if I mixed egg white and gelatin, if they would stick together better." Boy, don't we all have times we think that?! Or, "I was a pure romantic operating with only half my burners on."
Perhaps though. the Julia we best remember is the satire Dan Akroyd did on Saturday Night Live of poor Julia. Word has it that Julia thoroughly enjoyed the spoof and showed the clip to all of her houseguests. I love it to this day.

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