Sunday, August 9, 2009

House Cleaning Part Deuce

Why is it always more fun cleaning someone else's home or a second home? Maybe it's because it feels like a play house, where the work isn't a chore, but a diversion. The more I dug into son #2's house, the more I understand how difficult it is to keep up a property and hold a responsible job where today's employer's expect 150%, your 8 hour day, plus another 20 hours sandwiched in somewhere into your "private" time.
It surprised me how quickly a house can get dirty. I thought maybe because I live in the desert where the dust swirls, you can dust in the morning and again in the evening. But, not true, it is that way in the Midwest also. I even changed the furnace filter thinking we were recirculating the dust with the air flow.
Here is an example of three days of debris off the kitchen floor. Yes, the basic pooch contributes to the dust and debris (grass tracked in from the yard, dog hair, etc.) But the mutts are worth it, what can you say?
I may have to eat my words though. The Shark floor cleaner did a pretty good job with the linoleum.
Bottom line, to have a nice home, you have to stay on top of the cleaning. If you think you can slide by cleaning every two weeks, the condition of the house continuously goes down. Even if it doesn't look dirty, a cleaning routine will help keep the property up. If you do clean on a regular basis, the time factor is generally manageable, even with a busy schedule.

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