Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer in Minneapolis

Wild Hairs are SO worth it! I took my Mom (age 83) the the old Malt Shop for a burger and a chocolate malt--her fav. Then on to relax on a blanket in the lush green grass and watch the roller bladers, the dog walkers and the Moms with babes in carriages walk around the lake. Mother, of course, had to find out all the particulars. "What a beautiful dog! How much does he weigh?" (Some kind of exotic breed that weighs twice my poor Mom!) "Oh, what an adorable baby, what is it, a boy or a girl?" Bet the new Mommies didn't appreciate this, but hey, my Mom is 83, what do you expect? The Minneapolis skyline is a sight to behold. I grew up with this, brings back all kinds of nostalgic memories of tanning lakeside and being able to drink in summer sun, blue sky and gentle breeze dancing through the oak leaves.

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