Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Painting Your House

As a Realtor I see lots of homes. Frequently I can tell when there is a first time homebuyer in the home. How? You walk in and a color wheel of paint greets you at the door. My theory is because the first time homebuyer has lived in white-walled apartments for so long, they long for color. The cheapest way to get color is buy a gallon of tinted paint. Oh Lordy, the colors I see! Do they have any idea how that is going to impact the resale of their home? Most people don't like odd shades of color and believe it or not, your favorite color may not be someone else's favorite color.
Intense shades of color make a room look smaller. A deep red room will make the entire room look closed in, a lighter color with red accents will liven up the room, yet allow it to appear much larger than it is.
The case of the deep red paint is near and dear to my heart this week as I repainted son John's hallway to make it brighter and look bigger. Kilz paint is a magic thing!What a difference a day makes!

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