Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chicago Neighborhoods

I was relaxing at son John's condo with the patio doors open and the breeze drifting through, when all of a sudden the melodious carillon bells made me smile and gave me such a peaceful feeling. Over 30 years ago, we lived in Benson, MN where the carillon bells filled the whole community with beautiful music signaling noon and 6:00 pm. Hearing these brought me back to those awesome days. Everyplace I have lived, or visited for that matter, open my eyes to the wonders of these United States. There are such great neighborhoods, like this one. Each Chicago neighborhood has the same wonderful character with it's corner "watering holes" aka pubs, the dog parks where people meet and mingle with their pets, the neighborhood totlots where young families play with squealing children, and the historic corner church with it's magnificent architecture and carillon bells that ring these harmonious hymns to bring peace and joy to all who can hear. My video is that of an amateur, but notice the tree canopied streets, the flower boxes filled with lovely colorful blossoms, and the neighborhood feel. I think we all long for a sense of community. What a great community this is!

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