Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Garden Gnomes

I think garden gnomes are hysterical. They have such a cult following, like the 1950's kitschy pink flamingo. I first learned of them when there was a news story about a couple from New York who had one in their garden. It was stolen and they were mailed pictures of the gnome from all over the world. Then one night it miraculously reappeared in their lawn---two years later!

I bought this one in Minnesota last summer. I took it in my carry one suitcase and caused near hysteria with the TSA bag screeners as they all thought it was so clever. They were convinced it was a travelling gnome. They wanted to hear all the stories about it's travels. I nearly had to make some up.
This YouTube video is 4 minutes long and tells a bit of the history of the gnome making.

This one minute YouTube video is a take from Bud Light "Real Men of Genius, saluting Mr. Garden Gnome Maker". The ad people worked overtime on these lines, they are all funny, but I particularly love the last line, "A Home Isn't a Home Without a Gnome!"
This little fellow just appeared in my garden today. Who knows where he came from..or where else he may be travelling to?

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