Thursday, July 23, 2009

College Bound

The ads are all ready starting...time to send "junior" or "the princess" off to college. It's a good thing.
College is the nursery school for life. Similar to pre-school giving children a step ahead for grammar school, college gives young adults a step ahead for the rest of their lives.
"It's not what you learn, it's how you use the experience of learning."--Author Unknown
I remember when I went to college, I was pretty negative about all of the electives I had to take, "What a waste of time," I grumbled. How wrong could I have been! I now realize that public speaking course, that art history course, the various psychology courses, all come in useful nearly everyday. All of those courses make you a well rounded individual capable of mingling in most any environment.
College is not a trade school. Many of the people I know are not working in the field they graduated in. Rather, college opens doors to the world of employment opportunities.
"Dear Freshman,
The world is your oyster. We are all a bit jealous this time of year, knowing your college experience, with all the lecture courses, the labs, the burning of the midnight oil, the kegger parties, the laundry coming out of the washer in every color than what it is supposed to be, the first serious loves, the living on a shoestring, and becoming sick to death of Ramen.

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