Sunday, July 26, 2009

American Girl Dolls

I used to live in Wisconsin where The Pleasant Company started the American Girl Doll. Incase you don't have any female in your life under the age of 22, The American Girl Doll is the industry standard for dolls from the USA. The company, using mostly University of Wisconsin students, did research into various cultures and came up with dolls as Kirsten, from Scandinavia, and Molly from Ireland, trying to be true to their cultural roots. The list of dolls is endless and is more so now that the company had been sold to Mattell.
The dolls are of great quality for a toy and few can complain about the figure of the doll, like they do about "Barbie" or their personality traits, or lack thereof, as in the Bratz dolls. These dolls have a history, teach manners and lessons of all kinds. I became enamored with them when we lived in Wisconsin and a friend actually bought me a doll, Kirsten, the Scandinavian doll.
I now have several nieces that are just having birthdays and all they want is the American Girl Doll. I dusted off my sewing machine and will be making some matching little girl and little doll clothes for them. As you can see by my collection of outfits and accessories, the sky is the limit. Hmmm...what to create!

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