Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tickle Monster

In a past career I worked at an imported children's toy store. I was also the buyer for the store at one point, going to the famous New York Toy Show. I had the time of my life. Vendors from all over the world had so many wonderful, creative things, it was quite a challenge to guess what toys may be the next big hit. The additional challenge was this particular toy store made a conscious effort to NOT buy toys advertised on TV. There is an infinite amount of fabulous (and educational) toys out there.
It was during this time, I started a collection of toys I believe are "classic" children's toys. Toys that will endure far beyond our lifetime, like the sock monkey or tinker toys. Generations of children have played with these (and other) classic toys without the hype of batteries or earplugs.
I recently found such a toy I am adding to my collection. It is an amusing TICKLE MONSTER book written in rhyme by Josie Bissett. It has great illustrations and while reading it, you can almost hear giggles from young readers.
The other amazing thing about this book are the TICKLE MITTENS.
These delicously soft mitten fit over the hand with cut-outs for your tickling fingers. WAY too cute! These are safely tucked in my stash of classic toys.

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