Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Grandma and Grandpa lived through WWI and the Great Depression. By the time I came along their conservative ways were deeply entrenched. They didn't know the word "Green Living". They knew common sense...and how! They recycled water, plastic bread wrappers, you name it. Grandma sewed like a designer, reusing the fabric in an out-of-style dress to update it for the day's look so as not to waste anything.
They grew their own vegetables and Grandma had a full freezer and cold storage in the basement filled with canned goods.
Grandma had cash stashed for a "rainy day". Take a look around. Isn't it amusing how we are urged to do the same for the sake of global warming? We are lucky if we have much food available at all, except for maybe an overabundance of frozen pizza? Stashed cash? Forgetaboutit! That amounts to whatever we cleaned out of the wash machine.
This blog post is dedicated to helping you reclaim some of those lost ideas. It is not meant to be doom and gloom, just common sense. I don't care if you are worried about a nuclear attack from North Korea or Mother Nature unwielding a torrent of hurricanes or tornadoes.
There is a government website that will aid you in becoming more independent during a catastrophe. It will guide you on how and what to buy.
Some suggestions:
*3 days of water and food
*First Aid Kit; don't forget the toilet paper!
*Battery operated radio
*Food for your pet
*ALWAYS keep at least a 1/2 tank of gas in your car; in case you must get out of town in a hurry.
*Keep cash hidden in your home. Have it ready to grab and go. How much? Whatever you are comfortable with. Ask yourself this question, how much would I need if the banks were closed and the ATMs weren't working?
It is also recommended you keep your passport on the ready so you can have it on hand if there is an emergency.
All of this could fit in a 5 gallon bucket like the 5 gallon paint bucket. There is your convenient "grab and go" kit!

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