Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Travel

Oh dear God in Heaven....I have been stuck at this airport for what seems like an eternity. Plane was to depart at 11:00 am., of course you get there the full 2 hours early because it's summer and you don't know how many families with strollers there are ahead of you in line. Finally, 10:30 arrives and you should be boarding. Then the dreaded announcement "We have been delayed for an hour. We are now departing at 12:00." I figure I don't have it too bad as there are the Moms toting booger flicking kids screaming and carrying on. You watch fights with the families and TSA, "What do you mean I can't bring this "Nursery Water" with me? Yes, it's just by Pepsico Comany but it has FLUORIDE in it." For the love of God, lady, your kid will not have rotten teeth if they miss one feeding without fluoride in the water. The TSA guy was pretty good though and didn't smack her, as I would have.
Next announcement, "We are delayed past 12:00, you will kept apprised of the situation." Now we are in the gray area for lunch; choices, Arby's, Wendy's or MacDonalds. Gag me! I go to Starbucks and hope a scone and "tall house" will tide me over. By now it's 1:45, the Moms and kids are napping and I've e-mailed everyone including my state senator. I've called people I don't usually talk to, including some folks from high school, who no longer remember me, but we have something to talk about since everyone has been stuck at the airport and can empathize. My poor sister, I've talked to every 5 minutes since about 9 this morning. Even she is rooting for the plane to take off now, just so she can get on with her life.
Now we're at 3 pm. The plane is loading, the kids are wide awake and terrorizing the place with their new found energy and the Moms are on their second dose of Prozac. Welcome to the friendly skies!

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