Monday, June 8, 2009

Public Etiquette

I was recently in Minnesota for a short visit. I love going back there, I grew up there, had my children there and have many great friends still residing there. I was reminded once again, about the phrase, "Minnesota Nice". If you are unaware of that personality attribute, Minnesotans, and Mid-Westerners, for that matter, tend to be very polite. They take the time to greet, visit, extend a hand of help and in general, have a positive attitude about life. We can all take a lesson. Here are some tips to make those around you feel better, and in turn you will too!
*In elevators and mass transit, allow people to exit before you enter.
*The elderly, expectant Moms and people with small children should be allowed to take the seat in mass transit.
*Hold a door open for someone close, this applies to both men and women. If you have a door held for you, a pleasant "Thank You" is appropriate.
*When approaching a parking space, use your turn signal to avoid any misunderstandings.
*If you stop to visit with someone, move to the side of the room so as not to obstruct traffic. The same applies if you have a grocery cart in a store, if you want to search for a product or read a label, pull your cart off the path of traffic.
*If you see someone in distress, help them.
*A smile costs you nothing and can be worth a million dollars to someone else.
*A good attitude and showing respect will make your day better.

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