Sunday, June 7, 2009

Middle Age

Found in my purse
It came upon me quickly, before I knew it. Whoa there pardner, wait... you're not my pardner. Infact, I am pretty pi$$ed off you're showing up. That would be "middle age" I am referring to. One day I was sitting at my desk, none of this "my arms grew too short" stuff, it was flat out everything I tried to read was blurred. I asked my colleagues if they were having problems reading contracts. They nearly laughed me out of the office. They knew what was going on. Ah, crap, I needed reading glasses, a sure sign of middle age. Well, I fixed them, I didn't get a single pair of reading glasses, I bought them by the dozen. No, I will not be one of those middle age matrons wearing a chain around my neck. I'll be stylish, lose my glasses and I'll simply pick up another. No jokes about me and finding my glasses on my forehead, I'll show them!
3 Pairs In My Kitchen Drawer
A Pair in My Laundry Room

Yup, this is the side pocket of my car door. It's difficult to be a Realtor and not be able to read a map. I have these "cheaters" to program my GPS-jeesh!

A Hot Commodity in my Cosmetic Drawer

Of course a pair by my computer..

In my nightstand, incase I want to read...or use the TV remote!

I carry two pairs in my briefcase. I could only find one though, see why I have multiples?

I have tried the contact lenses, for vanity sake. The ones I tried are the disposable kind. It's a good thing. I put one in, to correct the reading, and on my way to work, at the first stop light, I slid that piece of schrapnel off my eye and flipped it out the window. I might as well have had a piece of Saran Wrap in my eye.
I suppose next thing is the senior discounts. Har-de-har-har!

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