Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

Love him or hate him, another music giant has died. Michael Jackson died yesterday at the ripe old age of 50. Of all the music greats...there was Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Elvis Presley and now Michael Jackson. Who will fill the void of the next great? And what kind of music will they produce?
The song that grabbed the world at the time was Michael Jackson's Thriller. How could it not? MTV was just a baby and they played his Thriller video on the hour, every hour.
At the time, the boys were about 6 and 8, or thereabouts. I had the bright idea of taking them on a road trip every summer and ultimately visit all 48 contiguous states. Six to eight hours in the car with two boys got a little testy sometimes. So this particular year I bought them "boom boxes" or at that time, they were called "ghetto blasters". As you can see by the photo, we must have lived in the suburbs, as these little red plastic jobbies probably wouldn't pass in the ghetto. However, they had earphones and were great for the road trip. Each had their own music. We had just made the switch from Raffi and Little Thinker tapes and were now on to the "big boy" stuff, like the soundtrack from Footloose and Michael Jackson's Thriller. I'm not sure who this guy was listening to at the time, but he seemed to like it, don't you agree?

By the way, after quite a few summers and about 40 states, the boys decided they hated those road trips, so we never finished my dream. They couldn't have cared less about seeing all 48 contiguous states with their Mom on a road trip when they were 12 and 14.

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