Thursday, June 18, 2009

Loretta Lynn

"She's a Honky Tonk Mama and a Blue Jean Beauty Queen!"

I was invited to go to a Loretta Lynn concert. I like country music so why not!?! I learned a little about Loretta Lynn. She is 74 years old and still tours. She has been in music for 49 years and has had 56 hits in the top 10. She was married at 13. Her son, daughters and atleast one granddaughter tour and sing with her. She has a multi-generational audience and they LOVE her! They cry, they scream, cheer, they give standing ovations, and they bid $14,000 on two guitars she autographed (the money donated to a good cause).
She asks the audience, "What do you want to hear?" When they call out the name of one of her songs, she answers, "Yea, that would be a good one if I remembered the words." Or perhaps, "Nah, I hated that song."r> She is the queen holding court, quite sight to see.

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