Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kitchen Gadgets

I don't think of myself as a kitchen gadget maniac. First of all, I don't have room. Secondly, my sister and I have an ongoing joke about the electric gadgets people clutter their kitchen with. If I had the "Hot Dogger" or similar device, I would be laughed out of the family. However, I have come upon a few "newbies" that I can't live without. Here is my new Shun knife. I don't care if you only cook on weekends. Give yourself the treat of a lifetime and buy these things. They ROCK! Here's a hint, I looked at Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma, several "discount" sites online and eBay. The cheapest yet was at Bed, Bath and Beyond with their 20% off coupon.
See this metal scraper doohickey? It's the best. It not only scrapes up scraps and bits and pieces, it also peels off just baked cookies with a snap.
Last but not least are my silicone spoons, good to 475 degrees. I bought the metal handled one at Williams Sonoma.

I liked it so well, I bought one for all of my friends. Then I just found this other one at the grocery store. I cook better with a red spoon, it's a fact! When I was first married and we couldn't afford groceries, let alone kitchen gadgets, I saved Betty Crocker coupons. When I saved enough to get a kitchen gadget, I faithfully stuffed all of my coupons in an envelope and mailed it off. It was like Christmas when I opened my kitchen gadgets from Betty. Along with the item I ordered (in those early years) they included a free red spoon. (Ever notice on all of the Betty Crocker food packaging they have a red spoon.) So, to this day, if I am cooking with a red spoon, I feel like Betty Crocker! It's a must have in my kitchen.

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