Thursday, June 25, 2009


Can men and women can just be platonic friends? Some would argue that the pull of sexual tension forbids this under any circumstances. With so many people working all hours these days, is it reasonable to say, yes, you can have platonic friendships in the workplace? An informal study was done about just that; what is acceptable and what is not, as far as how men and women should act as platonic office friends, nothing more. There are morals and boundaries you shouldn't cross. Here are their findings:
1. No going out for cocktails together.
2. No going over to the other's house alone.
3. Going out for lunch during the week is okay, but no alcoholic beverages.
4. No long flights or long car trips together.
5. No sharing secrets you don't share with a significant other or spouse.
6. Phone conversations after 9:00 pm are not okay.
These are not my rules. Some younger people may say these rules are too archaic, however these rules were compliled by today's office workers themselves.
What brought this up? The current news. Sanford, the Governor of South Carolina just had an affair with a "good, good friend" of 8 years. They have had "an affair" for 1 year. In my mind, that is an excuse, the guy has been cheating on his wife for 8 years. There is a physical affair and there is an emotional affair. If someone is confiding in another person of the opposite sex other than the significant other or spouse, they are circumventing the communication of the relationship. We all know relationships with your significant other goes through good times and bad times. Through communication and compromise, you work through the bad times. If you find a sympathetic ear elsewhere, you have no motivation to work with the the person you should be communicating with.
Back to the news..."South Carolina's Governor once cited "moral legitimacy" when he was a congressman voting for President Bill Clinton's impeachment. He became a darling of fiscal conservatives over his ideological opposition to federal stimulus cash." Here is a fellow that had it all, married to the heiress of SKIL brand tool company, 4 sons, a rising star in the political arena and now..."Sanford described the woman who lives in Argentina as a "dear, dear friend" whom he has known for about eight years and been romantically involved with for about a year. He said he has seen her three times since the affair began, and his wife found out about it five months ago." What a chump. The guy should be kicked to the curb. Oh, and what about Clinton/Lewinsky? Both Bill and Hillary are morons, maybe they just deserve each other.

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