Friday, June 12, 2009

Grocery Cart Wash

The World Health Organization declared Swine Flu (H1N1) as a pandemic today. Just in time for my latest blog post! My favorite grocery store (Basha's) has added these cool things-an item long overdue, I might add. It's a grocery cart "car wash" or a "Cart Wash". Do I hear a collective "WOW"? Incase you didn't realize it, grocery carts have the highest incidence of e-coli and other nasty bacteria than almost any public place, more than public bathroom toilet seats, more than escalator handrails, more than anyplace in a hotel room. No more thinking you are putting your fresh produce on a seat some kid has recently pooped on and no holding the grocery cart handle where you feel the last person had the worst case of Swine Flu ever, just blew their nose and grabbed the same cart handle you are now grasping.
It's easy to run. You roll your cart in, push a green button and in about 1 minute, it is spray-washed and air dried. Ya' gotta love it!

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