Saturday, June 20, 2009

Foreclosed Homes

You know what makes me "effen" mad? I show tons of homes to perspective buyers. In today's wacko economy where everybody is walking away from their commitment (house) they are leaving pigpens! I understand hardship, where something horrid and totally out-of-the-blue bad $hit happens, but most people were just greedy or trying to work the system by buying too much house, by getting the nothing down, no interest ARM loan, or taking out a gargantuan home equity line. Well, I sure as he-- hope they enjoyed their boat, or vacation or whatever else they spent the cash on. Because now you and I can pay for it through our taxes.
Wait...I'm not done ranting yet. That is not what makes me mad. What makes me mad, is they are boohooing that they are the victim, and by God if they are going to suffer, everybody is. They trash the house, take everything, I mean E*V*E*R*Y*T*H*I*N*G! Nothing is sacred, the toilet, the light fixtures, the appliances, the switchplate covers, the kitchen sink. And what they can't haul out, they ruin. Take a look at what I saw today. They destroyed the pool filtration system by sawing through every pipe. Now the pool is green slime. It will take tens of thousands to fix. Guess who is paying for it? That's right sister (or bro), it's you and me through the federal bank TARP funds.

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