Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

A HUGE Thank You to all the wonderful Fathers out there. Today is Father's Day and I get very sentimental because my own Father is no longer here. He was a great Dad. The story of my Dad I love to tell is one summer day we went to our favorite river to go boating and water skiing. I was about 7 or 8 years old. We always had great picnic and lots of family fun. I had just gotten a new Disney Cinderella watch, they had just come out on the market. My Mom and I stood in line to get that watch. I was so proud of it. Of course, at the picnic I wanted to go swimming so I put the watch on the picnic table for safe keeping. When we got home very late that evening, I asked my Mom for the watch (thinking she picked it up with the rest of the picnic goodies off the table). She told me she thought I picked it up. OMG, I wailed, and I was not one to wail. I mean to tell you the world as I knew it had ended. My Dad got dressed, this was after midnight by now. He drove the 45 minutes back to the park and went dumpster diving. The next morning I got up, Dad was all ready at work. There on the kitchen table was my beloved Disney Cinderella watch. Is there even a big enough Thank You in the whole world for such a kind act? As a post script, I still have the watch.
The other wonderful Father in my life is my own husband. He is a marvel. He couldn't be a better Father to our sons. He is kind, compassionate, wise, fair and funny. There are so many wonderful stories of him being the best Dad in the world, but my favorite is the day our first son was born. We waited 8 years before we had kids and I desperately wanted a baby. It wasn't as easy as people think it is to have this little bundle of joy. Finally the day arrived and our son was born. Within the hour of his birth, Foxtrot Freddie was juggling this newborn on his knee sharing stories of the great outdoors and promising him that someday he would take him to Darky Lake, a lake in the MN/Canada Boundary Waters, that is crystal clear and accessible only by canoe. The kindness, joy and sparkle in his eyes is a picture I will never forget.

Then I have to mention my brother, another Father who is top notch. Not only is he a good Dad to his two sons, but he wins the prize for being the best uncle. Our sons adore him. Just last night my younger son called "UM" and told him his fish story, to which my brother added his own liar's ending. I understand everyone was consumed in laughter and the phone call ended. We have never lived closer than 2000 miles, yet the bond between these boys and this uncle couldn't be closer. I think that speaks volumes for the man by brother is.

So, on this note, I give thanks and blessings to all the good Fathers who have touched my life and those of my children. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

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