Monday, June 1, 2009

Class Reunion

It's class reunion time. I went to the 10th class reunion. It was a lesson in humanity, all the the women looked lovelier, more sophisticated than high school. I guess they were the late bloomers. The men , well, they looked pretty good too. Oh yes, there were a few male pattern baldies and beer bellies starting, but over all, a handsome lot. Am I to assume all 650+ people were beautiful? I decided yes to that one.
This is our 40th, WHOA! Did I say that? 4*0??? Can't be, OMG, who is that person looking back in the mirror at me? Not the cute little chick from the class of '69? The good ole "sex, drugs and wine, the class of 69?" (I chose wine because it rhymes, but you and I both know wine was not the illicit drug of choice in '69.) Will our conversations be of how many miles do you get on your hybrid to which glucosamine is the best for joints? We are probably past the era of any tell alls of hot tub romps in our all together. I hope all 650+ come, beautiful or not so much. Let's face it, the years take their toll. We'll have a few more wrinkles, have a few additional pounds, a little more male patterned baldness and beer bellies, but the experiences, the smiles and the tears between '69 and '09 account for much more. And will all 650+ be beautiful 40 years later? I think I'll decide yes to that one.

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