Monday, May 18, 2009

Teacher Gifts

It's the end of the school year. Parents are scrambling for teacher appreciation gifts. I remember trying to pick out the perfect thank you for my son's favorite teachers. I remember walking into the classroom on one of the last days and seeing multitudes of coffee cups filled with homemade cookies and candy on the teacher's desk. If I were a teacher, I'd much prefer a gift card. Really, who needs all of those coffee mugs? (And nobody needs all those sweets.) Plus, If I received a gift card, I'd have the summer to have fun and go shopping. Now there's a treat I'd really appreciate!
There's another venue for teacher gifts, besides the end of the school year, maybe the beginning of the school year, maybe a special occasion, or Christmas. It's called Gold Star Registry. It's a gift registry for teachers. With budget cuts, schools can't afford items that may be helping our kids. Teachers dip into their own pockets to provide necessities for their classrooms. If the teachers were making what the wall street people made, maybe that would be okay, but they are not. It's just not fair that they are providing for our kids. Look up Gold Star Registry and see if your child's teacher is registered. Be generous. Our teachers need a lot more support than they are getting.

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